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My mission is to empower women to take back control of their health and life, empower women to be in charge of their bodies and to say no to surgery!

Vaginal Pain, leaking, inability to fully empty bowels, sciatic & back pain, groin pain, frequent or urgency of urination are all symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction can all be improved by restoring balance to your pelvis. It is more than a weak or strong pelvic floor! The pelvic floor muscles need to lengthen to squat, pass bowel movements, and other daily activities; even walking and excessive tightening can prevent this, causing pain or Dysfunction. 

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Whether you are a Pilates Teacher, an enthusiast or a woman looking to restore your pelvic floor there is something for you including gentle nudges of accountability & online community support too.


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Easily fit your pelvic health exercises into your day to day life
Be the unstoppable adventurous woman you want to be


Have traditional exercises not been working for you

Do you feel like you don’t have time for your own exercise regime

Do you feel like you have to accept incontinence

Do you think pelvic and back pain is an inevitable part of life

Did you have big babies so it’s just to be accepted

Do you think you’re too old to be able to improve your pelvic function

With the Whole Body Pelvic Health© TM approach you will be inspired and motivated to see the potential and possibilities within yourself and learn the skills and strategies to take action and achieve your goals. You will have access to the highest quality education in the comfort of your own home at a pace that works for you. You will also join the community of over 300 women already successfully retiring their pelvic floor AND you have access to me for all your ongoing questions.



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Are you a Pilates teacher ready to step up and help the 90% of your female clients with birth injuries, 50% with incontinence symptoms?

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I have successfully run brick and mortar studios for 15 years and I am an internationally recognised Pilates Educator and specialist in Pelvic Health.

 The online studio is my way to reach more of you with groundbreaking and influential Pilates, movement and anatomy education for the enthusiast, women on a journey of healing & teachers looking for an experienced mentor.

My database of Whole Body Pelvic Health Specialists teacher’s are available to work with you in their boutique Pilates studios worldwide.

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