Unlock Pelvic Floor Freedom With The Power of Breath-Based Exercises

The first step in restoring the health & function of your pelvic floor is rebalancing your breathing.
Breath-Based Pelvic Floor Exercises

I know all too well that it can feel like there is only one way to fix your pelvic floor and it’s not working or there’s not enough time, and I especially know that it can even feel like you are doing it wrong. The amazing news is that traditional exercises are not the only way, and you aren’t doing it wrong because truth is, it all starts with your breath. Take a sigh out with me, a sigh of relief that there is another way to pelvic floor freedom; there is hope, and my Whole Body Pelvic Health Method will show you the way. 

How many of you are like me? I used to think that if I pulled my tummy in and squeezed my pelvic floor a bit, it would solve all sorts of issues, like flattening out my mummy tummy and solving my pelvic organ prolapse. Now, more and more each day, I’m learning that there is another way that actually the squeezing and lifting I had been told to do are exactly what is preventing me from breathing properly. I have also learned that breathing fully is vital to my pelvic floor being able to function because the motion of all my breathing muscles and organs works symbiotically with my pelvic floor. They are a team working for me inside of me all the time, and I didn’t even know.

This is not only true for me. I have many clients who have felt the same way. One lady springs to mind, Nora, who came in with the same belief that all she needed to do was squeeze her pelvic floor and hold her tummy. Worse than that, though, she believed that because doing these things wasn’t working, she was weak and should just accept leaking and pain as an inevitable part of being a woman, a mum and getting older. She described to me how she felt limited in her intimate relationship with her husband; she felt flat and low because she couldn’t join in activities with her two young girls. She was so grateful to be a mum and she loved her girls very much and her husband, but she felt lost in her own body, making her feel lost as a woman in her life. 

I explained to her that our breathing diaphragm and pelvic floor are like jellyfish in a beautiful, harmonious, and symbiotic relationship, contracting down and up together all day long, and if you pull your belly button in, it’s like putting a roadblock in place or a kink in the hose of communication between the two, and that vital relationship is lost. 

Nora was shocked. I told her all you need to do is let it go. We then both simultaneously sang the line Let It Go from that Disney anthem, had a giggle, and, to be honest, she shed a few tears of relief too. Not just because she could breathe again, but because, for the first time, she felt hope and could see something that made sense. She even said, “Why hasn’t anyone ever explained it this way before? It makes so much sense… and the answer has been in my own body all the time.”

Have you let it go? Hands up, who has let it go? Now is the time; if not, let your belly relax and feel your breath move. Doesn’t it feel liberating? Let’s breathe together and use our hands in front of your body to help find that beautiful relationship. Inhale and move your hands down towards your pelvis, then exhale gently, lifting them back up. 

This is the first step to awakening the self-healing, beautifully designed masterpiece that you live in. Over time, the more you practice letting go and uniting your diaphragm with your pelvic floor, the more you set the stage for the self-healing abilities of your body. Your pelvic floor now has the best chance to be free and functioning, and all you need to do is breathe.

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