Whole Body Pelvic Health Courses

My name is Claire Sparrow Second Generation Pilates Teacher, Educator and cofounder of the Reimagining You Podcast and mum of 3. After restoring my own abdominal separation and Pelvic Organ prolapse I have spent over 15 years helping hundreds of other women restore their pelvic floor function when other things they have tried haven’t worked, allowing them to live a full and active life. 



Join us for 4 free classes in March for March Matness

Each Monday night in March I will live stream from Zoom into my Facebook group , I will teach the WBPH version of the exercises for that week. They remain available to practice all week till the following Monday.


Have you tried traditional exercises or short courses that haven’t worked? Pre Pilates for Whole Body Pelvic Health is your comprehensive step by step membership and community with over 50 physiotherapy and pilates classes to resolve all pelvic floor dysfunctions at any stage of life. Monthly live class and Q&A with Claire plus so much more.


Enjoy the Whole Body Pelvic Health DIY course. If you prefer to complete the method in your own without the additional monthly support from Claire this is a great option for you.

Are you looking for a hit of cardio that is safe with a pelvic floor condition?

In these 5 short classes you will get that hit of cardio that boosts your mood, stimulates your pelvic floor in the right way and gives you the cardio fitness you need.

Teacher mentorship 2024

6 month Whole Body Pelvic Health Mentorship with Claire starting in January 2024 .

Post Natal Pilates Online Course

Self Care isn't Selfish. It is essential a Healthy Mummy is a Happy Mummy!

Achieve it all in bite sized classes that can dovetail into your day smoothly & easily.

habit building for whole body pelvic health

Unlock pelvic health through consistent habits. This course teaches mindset shifts and habit integration for manageable progress.

Discover hidden time in your schedule, making goal achievement accessible and less overwhelming.

pelvic floor first aid - short course

Have you recently had a baby and wonder what to expect? Pelvic Floor First Aid is your short course to learn exactly what you need to do to start restoring your pelvic floor! It's a great place to start.

Pre Pilates for Whole Body Pelvic Health

Pre Pilates for Whole Body Pelvic Health is a step by step course online and live membership that has already helped over 300 women in the last 18 months restore their pelvic organ prolapse, eradicated their incontinence, resolved their pain and given them their lives back.

Pelvic Floor Exercises Reinvented

What Is Whole Body Pelvic Health Step By Step