Sue Bennett

She received her diploma in Manipulative Therapy in 2002 and the title of Physiotherapist in 2004. As a massage therapist, Sue has always worked by the ethos that the body needs to be understood as a whole. This inspired her search for a technique which would acknowledge the precision needed in practice as well as the person behind the pain. After reading Dr. Hendrickson’s textbook Massage and Manual Therapy for Orthopedic Conditions, she knew she wanted to study Hendrickson Method ®. In 2006 she began her HM training in Berkeley, flying back and forth from Otley, England in order to study with Dr. Hendrickson. In 2009 she became the UK’s first qualified Hendrickson Method ® Therapist and in 2013 she began offering the UK’s first HM workshops. Sue is a certified HM Teacher, leading HM trainings in addition to having a vibrant private Practice. Sue is also a Nero linguistic practitioner, to help patients facilitate change for themselves.

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